we are gut®

We are Venezuelan , exactly fromCaracas ; with an idea, create and produce design objects made 100 % in Venezuela
gut. is not a German name , not least Dutch and English. Just an area code: guatire-guarenas (gut).


The Acapulco and Condesa chairs are anonymous designs. Icons of the interior design world, that have been reinterpreted and put into circulation in our days. We strive to make the details, make the difference between the parts that are in the market. The structures of the parts are painted with PAINT ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYING, type of coating that is applied to the skin as a fluid, of dry powder, it is often used to create a finisher more durable and resistant to a conventional painting. The fabric is based on the technique that the Mayan used to weave their hammocks. The material used is manufactured by us almost fifty (50) years ago, which means that we have over 15 color options available to customers in our collection. This material is coated with UV filters, allowing more resistant to climatic conditions of our tropics, allowing it to be an excellent choice for outdoor use. And finally, their shoes, caps are made to the measure, which prevents damage where chairs are displayed. Search our brand:


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